Meetings and Minutes


The Pugwash Village Commission meets at 7pm every second Monday of the month, unless that falls on a holiday.  The commission does not meet in July. Meetings are recorded digitally and in writing.

All regular meetings are open to the public.  The public may not participate in the meeting, except if invited to do so by the commission chair.  Any business that the public wishes the commission to discuss should be sent to the Village Office in writing or e-mail. The only closed door meetings are those dealing with legal or personnel issues.

The commission has a budget for giving grants to non-profit groups.  Applications must be made in writing.  First time applicants must fill in the application for grants form and send it to the Village Clerk no less than two weeks before the next meeting.

Public presentations from organizations and non-profit groups may be made to the Commission at a regular meeting.  There is no guarantee that a decision on a request made within a presentation will be made by the Commission at the meeting the presentation is made.  No decision will be made until all research has been completed and supporting documents received. Please contact the Village Clerk (902.243.2946) no less than 14 days before the meeting date to book a time for a presentation.  Supporting documents sent in advance should be received at least a week before the meeting date.  A projector and screen is available to use at a presentation.

Please send your request or other communications to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Minutes are available to the public once they have been passed in the next regular commission meeting. 

Archived minutes are available upon request.


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