Government Services

Sometimes it is difficult to remember which levels of government look after which services. Village staff regularly take calls from the public looking for the right contact for different services.

Below is a table of the most asked about services that various levels of government offer here in Pugwash.  For more information, please go to that government level menu tab.  If you don't see the service listed you want to ask about, please call the village Clerk for help (902.243.2946).  Some events and village beautification projects are run by volunteers.


 Village of Pugwash 
     Municipality         Province of NS     
  Federal Government  

 Curbs -if no sidewalk

 Curbs - if sidewalk

 Eaton Park
 The streets  √
 Gathering of the Clans
 Building permits
 Snow removal - streets

 Snow removal - sidewalks
      and car parks

 Police (RCMP) √ 
 Fire Department √ 
 The hospital √ 
 Basketball courts √ 
 Tennis court √   
 Fishermen`s wharf  √ 
 The Library
 The schools  √
 Streetlights √  √ 
 The boardwalk √ 
 Garbage pick up/management  
 Recycling pick-up/management
 Municipal car parks
 The Cenotaph  
 Parking infringements  √
 Dog catcher √ 
 Income asssistance
 CPP and EI

Weather in Pugwash