Eaton Stage Construction

Release date: 8th January 2019
Closing date:  5th February 2019

Download: Specifications

Download:  Drawings

Copies will be available for sale direct from the Village office.  Please order in advance.


Audit Committee:   Terms of reference (draft)



Pugwash Water Project

From the Municipality of Cumberland County:

We  apologize for the delay in providing information regarding the Pugwash Water Project. We understand this has been a point of concern for many residents and will endeavour to be more timely in providing updates on this project from this point forwards and on a more consistent basis.

We also want to assure you that staff, consultants and contractors are working diligently to complete the commissioning of the system that will provide residents with a safe and reliable water source.

At this point we are currently working on the Project Commissioning which is the process of assuring that all systems and components of the system are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to operational requirements. We are experiencing an issue with the level of aeration of the water. Staff, consultants and contractors are working extended hours to remedy the situation.

We would like to thank those users who have installed their connections are ready to receive water and also thank everyone for their patience as we continue the Commissioning.

Justin Waugh-Cress, Director of Operations and Engineering

Connections to the new Pugwash

Water Supply System

now available
19th September 2018

(from the Municipal website)

Disconnection of a current water source cannot be completed until the following is complete:

  • Lateral connection made by contractor
  • Water Contract signed
  • Inspection of inside connection
  • Inspection of the curb stop connection point
  • Pugwash Central Water Supply is fully operational

Arrangements to make a connection from the water supply to a home or a business (also called a lateral connection or a curb stop connection) must be made by the homeowner or business owner with a private contractor. A list of contractors known to the county can be found here. Costs associated with connection are the responsibility of the homeowner or businessowner.

Water meters are unavailable until such time that the system is fully operational, expected early October. Specifications for installation are available here

Arrangements for inspection, or further questions can be made with Peter Cottingham at 902-694-0796

The Pugwash Water System Project is defined under By-Law 18-01, Local Improvement By-Law


List of contractors


Wellfield map


Website rebuild

The Village website is in the process of being re-built. 

Pugwash and area not for profit organizations will be included as before.  If you wish to be included as a new listing or update your old one, please send your information to the Village Clerk.

Next Regular Village Commission Meeting

Monday, January 14th at 7pm

Meetings are generally the second Monday of the month.  Any meeting that falls on a holiday, for example February and October, will be postponed to the next (third) Monday of the month. There is no meeting in July. 

Proposed agenda is published the Friday before a meeting. The agenda may be amended by the commisison at the beginning of the regular meeting.

Current approved agenda.

For more information on meetings, please go to this page




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