Solid Waste and Recycling

2024 - April to October Collection Schedule

Sorting Guide

Garbage/compost and recycling are picked up on alternate Tuesdays.
Garbage must be in a clear bag. 
One 20x22" privacy bag per garbage bag is permitted.
Waste should be set out by 6:30am.
One bulky item (furniture) may be put out per garbage collection.
If Tuesday is a holiday, then pick-up is the following Saturday.
If garbage/compost pick-up is cancelled because of inclement weather, pick-up may be the following Saturday.

For any collection questions call: 902.667.0299

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Best way to reduce the waste going to landfill sites is to reduce consumption of products.  Reconsidering certain purchasing choices, shopping local (and saving fuel) and choosing products with less packaging all help to reduce waste.  Check out local businesses, the farmers market and farms for local, fresh products.


Instead of throwing products into the garbage or recycling bin, consider donating or reselling your used items so they can be reused.

Thrift shops will take donated clothing, household goods and other items that are clean and in good condition and resell them.  Proceeds go to a local non-profit organization.  Thrift shops can be found next to the hospital, Sunset Industries, Oxford (Sunset) and in Wallace at the top of the hill at The Fire Place.

Second hand and antique stores offer great bargains by selling used goods.

Online buy and sell websites are easy to use and a great way of selling/donating unwanted items.

Clothing or fabrics can be dropped off at one of the big red bins Pugwash Co-Op car park or the Wallace Rite Stop.  Clothing in good condition will be resold, the rest is recycled.



Recycling depots, such as KGB Recycling between Pugwash and Port Philip, will take many products for recycling.  TVs, paint, etc

Printer cartridges can be dropped off at Pugwash Home Hardware.

Old Christmas tree light sets or any other copper wire can be dropped off at Sunset Industries.  The stripped wire is sold to help fund the Community.

Clothing or fabrics that are not in good enough condition for resale can still be dropped off at one of the big red bins outside the old Pugwash fire hall or the Wallace Rite Stop.




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