Somewhere to eat


GK's Pizza   902.243.2222
10252 Durham Street
Winter hours: 
     11am to 8pm every day


Inn the Elms  902.243.2885
10340 Durham Street
Public restaurant closed until September (open for overnight guests)
Summer hours:
     Wednesday to Friday   11am to 2pm
     Friday     5pm to 8pm
     Sunday   9am to 2pm
Other times available for private parties of 10 or more.


Nelly's Grill and Dairy Bar   902.243.2129
8890 Highway 6
Summer Hours:
   11am to 7pm every day

**Winter hours:   Monday & Thursday 11:30am to 2:30pm
                      Tuesday/Wednesday - closed
                      Friday      11:30 - 7pm
                      Saturday    9am - 7pm
                      Sunday     10am - 6pm


Pugwash Co-Op   902.234.2525
Durham Street
Summer Hours:
  Monday - Wednesday and Saturday   8:30am to 6pm
  Thursday & Friday 8:30am to 9pm
  Sunday    Noon to 5pm

**Winter hours:   Monday - Thursday and Saturday   8:30am to 6pm
                       Friday  8:30am to 9pm
                       Sunday    Noon to 5pm
Pre-made sandwiches, barbecue meats and baked goods


Sheryl's Bakery and Cafe 902.243.2156
10480 Durham Street
Open all year. 
    Tuesday to Friday:  7am to 4:30pm
    Saturday: 7am to 3pm
Baked goods. Soup/chili/chowder, sandwiches and subs.


The Inside Scoop Full Dairy Bar   902.243.2183
Water Street
Victoria Day to Labour Day  11am to 9pm

Gulf Shore

Northumberland Links     1.800.882.9661
1776 Gulf Shore Road
Summer Hours (bar/kitchen)  11am to 8pm every day
     Closed for the winter


Port Philip

Sandpiper Restaurant   902.243.2859
8244 Highway 6
Summer Hours:
11am to 8pm every day

Port Howe

Sunrise Country Market and Inn Ltd   902.243.3600
7928 Highway 6
Pre-made sandwiches and baked goods
Monday-Friday       7am - 10pm
Satrday & Sunday  8am - 10pm


Tess Aus' -Some Fish & Chips   902.243.3153
7920 Highway 6
11am to 8pm every day except:
3pm to 8pm Tuesday
11am to 9pm Friday & Saturday


McMahon's Take Out Restaurant   902.257.2868
13953 Highway 6
Summer Hours:
11am to 8pm Tuesday to Friday
9am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday
Closed Mondays
     Winter hours: Tuesday to Friday:        11am to 7pm
                          Saturday and Sunday:   9am to 7pm
                          Closed Monday   


Jubilee Cottage   902.257.2432
13769 Highway 6
     Open everyday by reservation.  6:30pm to late

Whirligigs Café Wallace 902.257.2342
13909 Highway 6
Summer Hours:
8am to 2pm every day
Closed on Wednesdays
     Winter hours:  Saturday and Sunday  9am to 2pm


Wallace Rite Stop and Ultramar   902.257.2022
13910 Highway 6
Pre-made sandwiches, baked goods and pizza
Summer Hours:
Monday to Friday  6:30am to 9pm
Saturday                  7am to 9pm
Sunday                  11am to 9pm
     Winter hours:   Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm
                            Sunday                    9am to 7pm

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