Its 2017 and Canada is celebrating 150 years since confederation.

There will be lots of events going on throughout the year.  In Pugwash we will be celebrating in style with tall ships AND Gathering of the Clans AND HarbourFest events all around the long weekend of July 1st.


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Pugwash Celebrates
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Gathering of the Clans 2017

Pugwash HarbourFest 2017

Rendezvous 2017

Sail On Board


Please note:
The Highland Dance competition has been moved to August 12th.
The 5k road race will next be held in 2018.
Gathering of the Clans will be held on Monday, July 2nd in 2018.





Tall Ships - security


The Tall Ships will be in Pugwash at the Windsor Salt Wharf June 29th-July2nd.
The paved and gated area at the end of Water Street will be secured before, during and after the event. This area will be known as "The Windsor Salt Shaker" housing access to the ships, special exhibitors and entertainment.

As the wharf is accommodating Tall Ships of foreign ports of call, it will be a restricted access area with a security checkpoint before even entering the compound as per MARSEC and CBSC regulations.

This will involve all entrants to be subject to random ID checks and bag searches. Anyone who refuses can be denied entry, just like at the airport. Not our (HF) rule. Please tell all your friends and supporters. we will announce en masse as we get closer to the date and signage will be posted.

Please advise all friends and family members wishing to enter to carry valid picture ID/Drivers license or Passport/Nexxus pass.

Tours of Tall Ships are free. There is no entry fee to the Salt Shaker.
No children under 12 can enter the Salt Shaker without a parent or guardian. Parents may be asked to provide proof of Child ID as well.

A second security checkpoint will occur before the queue to get on the Tall Ships themselves. All purses, bags, carry-ons, fanny packs etc must be left on the wharf, prior to getting on the gangways to the vessels via bag-check, to be manned via donation or small fee by a local youth group.

Access to the gangway and vessels are not wheelchair accessible

Thank you in advance
Wally Vaters
Chair Pugwash HarbourFest
Chief Liaison RDV2017 Tall Ships Regatta- Pugwash